• Neuro-science
  • AI technology
  • VR development
  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced 3D software applications

Comic Books


  • Image Comics
  • Top Cow Productions
  • Todd Mc Farlane
  • Marvel Comics
  • DC Comics
  • Many others

A self taught Los Angeles artist who is very diverse, dedicated, passionate, and always excited about creating the best possible work. Growing up around his artist parents, he was inspired to draw at a very early age. When his dad bought him his first comic book at the age of ten, his dream was to become a comic book artist and nothing was going to stop him 

After several years of traveling to San Diego Comic Con, he was finally hired and eventually worked for some of the Top Comic Book Publishers. His biggest training was under the legendary artist Marc Silvestri (Image Comics Co-Founder) in Santa Monica, CA ( Top Cow Productions), as well as Jim Valentino (Image Comics Co-Founder), and Todd Mc Farlane (Spawn).

Within a few years he was doing various work including coloring, penciling and inking for every major publisher, making a name for him self in the Comic Book Industry. A few years later, he was approached with Video Game related opportunities eventually leaving comic books.

Video Games



  • EA
  • SEGA

With a solid foundation of drawing and storytelling, and various rendering techniques, he started teaching him self Photoshop/Painter and many other applications, starting to illustrate digitally while advancing with a huge variety of software including 3D software.

His passion only grew bigger, learning more techniques and ways to create Visual Development content, while painting hundreds of speed paintings, preparing to get an opportunity to work in Feature Film Production.

Feature Film Production


  • SONY

His teacher Eric Hanson (CEO, xRez Studio Inc.) who was teaching Feature Film Production and photorealistic 3D development at UCLA in Los Angeles, noticed Alp Allen's work and passion, and recommend his work at Digital Domain. He was hired right away to join the team on his firs first Feature Film project " Day After Tomorrow " (directed by Roland Emmerich) providing various concept art and matte paintings for some of the key shots in the movie. 

While at Digital Domain, Alp started studying 3D software and quickly advanced using Maya and started modeling/texturing for a variety of movies. Shortly after his work was recognized by legendary Syd Dutton, who at the time owned " Illusion Arts " a VFX house specializing in photo real Matte Paintings and was trained under Syd, who was taught by Albert Whitlock. Alp quickly learned a variety of both traditional & digital skills, building a very strong portfolio, and continued working for some of the biggest VFX vendors in Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto.

3D Portfolio

I am also efficient in 3D using various software including, Maya/Zbrush/Modo/Keyshot I've used all these tools for Film, TV, Advertising and Video Games. I've also managed/Art directed 3D teams for Video Games working on a variety of Game Engines.


Alp was quickly discovered by a variety of Magazines and Book Publishers, showcasing his work and tutorials, including Ballistic Publishing. He was chosen to be one of the three authors of the Matte Painting book " D'artiste with thousands of copies sold worldwide, and his painting as the cover to the limited edition, created new exciting opportunities for him, as he continued sharing his work and tutorials for a large variety of Magazines.

Worldwide Publications

 KEYSHOT INTERVIEW - Alp Allen Altiner's 3D Photoreal rendering/workflow